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my name is Peter Pavlovsky and I'm specialised in reproductions of antic art pieces.At the moment I make a reproducton of the sky disc for the Natural History Museum of Vienna. Your page is very interessting, espesially the various interprations.

Mankind likes to add a mythical touch to things we don't understand. I think that people at that time certainly had their way of looking at the sky but too many things are interpretated into the sky disc. I think it was just a nice thing for decoration - maybe of f.e. a cloak, a drum or a bucket. The maker just tries to show the sky without specific constellations or stars.

make this experiment:
Let a child who has never seen the disc paint 32 spots on a piece of paper, a moon sicle, the sun and 2 ornaments. Then look for constellation ! I'm sure you'll find some. Unfortuneatly we'll never know for certain what the use of the disc was.

With best wishes from Vienna,
peter pavlovsky(03.01.2005)

Here another possible experiment : Ask various people which stars and constellations they know and perhaps which they find in the sky.
I'm sure the Diggers, Cassiopeia (the W), Orion(3 stars in a row) and the North Star will be in the top ten. And why ? Because they are easy to remember and locate. And this was surely the same in the past. And this might have led to certain importance in stories etc.
The author (04.01.2005)

I like your interpration of the sky disc. It seems logical. When I read that the 25 stars didn't have any meaning I doubted it. Have you received any reaction ? br> With best wishes
Dr. Hain (04.02.2005)

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